Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last night's show was crazy, one of those rare ones when everything comes together in an explosion of sound and vision.

Highline Ballroom has incredible sound design and a great team of tech dudes so they had the band mic'ed perfectly...but of course that's just part of it—when it's all the way live there's no faking true musicianship. And that's where HYPNOTIC steps in; the Bros came on stage close to midnight and started tearing through songs like a band of madmen. At one point it got a little crazy, the guys started playing back and forth in the space around the mics, making the horns hits come out like percussive beats that sounded more like house music rather than your average everyday HYPNOTIC mind erasure...

...luckily we recorded off the boards. Maybe the Bros will be into posting a track or two just for the diehard fans.

Stay tuned!

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