Monday, November 26, 2007


Wow. Rotterdam. Rock star status we partied all night on Friday in London, blazed to the airport, flew to Holland and rolled in for the amazing, world class Black Soil Film Festival (get on their MySpace!). ! Remembering the love we got at North Sea Jazz over the summer (have yall forgotten?), we gave the good folks of Rotterdam a little taste of the "fresh air" HYPNOTIC, playing outside an art gallery to ratchet up hype for the show. Just a taste though! Then it was time to get it crackin at the Rotown venue.

To be brief, gotta say that the Rotown show was one of the best HYPNOTIC shows ever. Backstage the band got reckless and decided to debut a new 3 x 3 x 3 format— three hits of three songs with no breaks, not chatter, no backstory. The crowd loved it—really gave people a chance to get into the full detonation of the HYPNOTIC sound.

Anyways...the results were INSANE!!! Not the kinda show you take pics of, just one you remember forever.

Respect to Philip @ Black Soil (in the pic below). He set the band up lovely with a great introduction (at least it sounded great in Dutch). Plus dude's front row game is immaculate.

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