Friday, November 9, 2007


Is that velvet? KPC bodyrockin the frankiphone, Chicago, back in the day

Another anniversary of sorts: last year around this time Kelan Phil Cohran re-released his magnificent Malcolm X Memorial. If you don't know about that album you haven't been coming to class or doing your homework. For shame, nerds!

This weekend you can travel the spaceways to check KPC celebrate the album with a special performance at Borders in the Chi. It's at 3pm, giving you enough time to run over to Dusty Groove and pick up the fresh out, super-bossy, semi-bootlegged Japanese import of KPC's singles collection (image below) and make it a weekend of expansive sociospiritual edification.

Lesson of the week: cop doubles!

Kelan Phil Cohran at Borders
1539 E. 53rd Street
Chicagoland, IL 60615

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