Thursday, December 27, 2007


Overworked, overseas: HYPNOTIC and Mos in London, December 2007.

To all our fans worldwide, thanks for the love over the past year.

Check it out, even in 2008 some of America's finest have to go abroad to get critical acclaim and escape ignorance back home.

Chicago music expert/Tribune hack Greg Kot just published his list of "top local indie releases of '07"—10 artists who got it crackin while HYPNOTIC was sitting around being lazy and boring in the Chi, NYC, LA, London, the North Sea Jazz Festival...and collaborating with everyone from Mos Def to Damon Albarn and Tony Allen. All that, done independently.

Can you think of any band more *indie* that HYPNOTIC?

Thankfully we had a number one record in Japan, Boomkat in the UK put yall up on the view that "Sanfoka" is one of the best songs of the year and now Tim Perlich at Now magazine in Toronto has selected the "Jupiter" CD as one of the albums of the year. Thanks Tim!

Maybe HYPNOTIC's not local enough!!!

Greg Kot's email address is Drop him a line and ask him if that's the case!

Or maybe just write a letter to the editor about Kot's shoddy-ass attempt at opinionmaking.

In the meantime yall let's hope Obama doesn't have to go over to Kenya to get elected Prez-o.

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