Monday, November 19, 2007


Hudah and Yosh with the legedary Tony Allen, London July 2007.
Photograph by Liz Johnson

OK, looks like the HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE tune "Sankofa" aka the remix of Tony Allen's "Losun" is hitting the streets.

"Where to begin with this incredible twelve? The A-side features the much-hyped Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (with a lineup featuring the sons of Sun Ra trumpeter Phil Cohran) taking on Tony Allen's "Losun" and creating one of the most astonishing pieces of music we've heard this year, managing to sound like a school brass band touched by pure genius. Hard to over-emphasise how good this is, for sure one of the singles of the year - and that's before we've even flipped over. The B-side features Salah Ragab and the Afro-Egyptian Ensemble whom you might remember from the amazing "Presents Egyptian Jazz" reissue on Art Yard right at the very start of the year, taking on two Tony Allen originals and turning them into sparkling African gems with a hint of Egyptian romance sprayed into the air. We just love this record - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!"

Via Boomkat, available through Honest Jons.


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