Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Well, eBay's "ramrodius" just got his *extra* copy of "Jupiter" off for $100+ bux. The record first came out (ie was sold out of a suitcase in Europe) almost a year ago to the day so that's a pretty steep climb. That's just crazy—almost as crazy as the "NYC Live" CD going for $55...all of it a weird commentary on a bunch of levels, from the plummeting value of the dollar (maybe $100 isn't that deep) to the basic way some people "get it" and other people don't—or the way some people front and some don't. At the same time there's been a run on our CDs and vinyl in the streets and select stores worldwide, some shops act like we're twisting their arms to take five records for sale over the counter and we haven't cracked real bookings in Paris or the West Coast. And you'll forgive us for feeling some kinda way about Jay-Z's new video and appearance on Letterman. Judging from the emails and the conversations in the streets a lot of you feel the same way. (Side note: if you question the President does that put you in the same box as LL?)

Anyways, the only HYPNOTIC CDs ever sold in stores have been a few done on consignment years ago to Reckless Records in Chicago, maybe 20 we left with our friends at Honest Jons on our first trip to London last year, and then some sold in a shop at North Sea Jazz Festival this past summer. And while it's been cool to say you can only get our music in person and watch the second party seller eBay auctions come and go, obviously we're all over YouTube, we've been pirated by the Russians and bootlegged in NYC. But there's more: the downside of yesterday's auctions was the flood of emails we received from disappointed fans who missed out on the action.

So change happens.

As of now the first two HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE albums—"Flipside" aka the orange CD and "Jupiter" aka the green CD—are available for download via all international iTunes stores and Amazon.

Let's see how it goes.

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